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Celeste Goodwin
  • National Award Winning Mom
  • Inspirational Speaker 
  • Author of  "A Boy Back From Heaven"
  • Healthcare Advocacy Speaker
  • Founder of the National Pediatric Blood Pressure Awareness Foundation
  • Advocate 
  • Motivator

"I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me." Philippians 4:13
Signed copies can be ordered directly from this website. (Click here to order.) A Boy Back from Heaven can be found online from many national and international retailers such as  Barnes & Noble.  You can also pick up a copy from your local Barnes & Noble Bookseller. Kindle versions can be purchased at
During Matthew's health struggles Celeste created a journal that she used to help her keep a detailed account of all that was happening to her young son.  After writing down tests, medications, names, procedures, etc. for nearly a month she was no where nearly prepared for the revelation Matthew would share with her and her husband on that spring afternoon in 2007. 

After a couple of weeks of seeming as though the world was on his little shoulders, Matthew recalled with such vividness and comfort, an experience unlike anything Celeste had ever heard.  The account was told of the time he walked into the most breathtaking light ever and the angels held his hand.  Celeste has been noted as saying there is a difference between being a Sunday believer and truly letting the power of God's majesty work through your heart and mind.  Celeste and Billy were Sunday believers who turned to God in prayer during the trials Matthew faced in fighting for his life.  After Matthew's vision was shared with them they could then see, feel, and know that God is ever present. The words that Matthew so eloquently used to describe the sights that he witnessed has provided them with comfort and peace knowing what waits for us after we leave this earth.

Now, at the age of 12, Matthew still has the glory and beauty of that experience etched into his mind and it has led him to a deeper and fuller meaning of the power of God.  He remains steadfast in his words that he is not afraid of death.  Children his age are blessed with the naivety of not understanding the finality of death or the consequences of it all.  Matthew has faced obstacles that parents spend their days praying would never touch the hearts of their little ones.

Celeste believes that the innocence of a child's mind allows them to be open to see and feel things on a much higher and powerful level.  Children are naturally innocent and unless there has been a tragic experience in their life, typically have not been exposed to the deeper discussions of death, heaven, etc.  For a child to recall in great detail accounts, such as Matthew, it provokes thought on the subject and gives credibility to the experience.

Bad things do not have to equate darkness.  There have been many positives that have emerged from this life change.  The writing and sharing of his experience is done with the sincere wish it can provide hope and understanding that faith and prayer can support us.  One of the greatest questions that has plagued humankind for thousands of years is what happens next.  No one, except God, truly has the answers. 

A Boy Back from Heaven
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Upcoming Schedule of Events
Date Time Event
 July 2015  TBA  Check back for event listings for the month of July in TX and LA
 06/12 & 06/13 9AM-7PM  Murfreesboro, TN Join us at An Artisan Affair. We will be a featured guest of the event and will be speaking with readers and signing copies.  Celeste will be speaking at 12PM on Friday, June 12th to share their family's journey of faith.
 06/06/2015 9AM-12PM Panama City, FL  Panama City Marketplace. We will be speaking with readers in small discussions and signing copies.
 06/05/2015 5PM-9PM Panama City, FL Friday Fest.  We will be speaking with readers and signing copies.
 6/3/2015 6PM Gulf Breeze, FL Next Step Grief Group (private event)
 3/1/2015 11AM Donaldsonville, LA Join us at First United Methodist Church at 11AM 
 2/10/15 4:30 PM Prairieville, LA LA Beta Eta Chapter Meeting

 11/22/2014 8PM Donaldsonville, LA  Join us in historic Donaldsonville, LA for the evening stroll.  We will be speaking with readers and signing copies.
 11/8/2014 & 11/9/2014 9:30AM to 6PM Biloxi, MS We will be at the Christmas City Gift Show in Biloxi speaking with readers and signing copies.  
 10/4/2014 9AM - 4PM  Paducah, KY Join us for the Paducah Area Christian Fall Festival.  We will be autographing copies and speaking with readers.
 10/3/2014 6PM - 9PM  Paducah, KY Join us for the Paducah Area Christian Fall Festival.  We will be autographing copies and speaking with readers.
 10/2/2014 9:00AM Memphis, TN Look for us on the WREG Live at 9 morning show.
 9/29/2014 9:30AM Baton Rouge, LA (Private Event) Guest speaker at OLOL's Child Life Specialist's Retreat.
 8/3/2014 2PM to 5PM Marksville, LA  Book discussion and author signing. Paragon Casino Conference Room. Event tickets are $20.00 and are available through Eventbrite.  Ticket price includes admission to the discussion and a signed copy.
 9/13/2014 2PM to 4PM Lafayette, LA  Join us for the Local Author Expo at the Johnston St. location of Barnes & Noble in Lafayette, LA. 2PM - 4PM
 6/28/2014 2PM to 4PM Baton Rouge, LA  Louisiana Lagniappe Author Event at Jones Creek Library.  Meet some of your favorite Louisiana authors from varying genres. Book signing event.  Copies will be available for purchase. (Open to the public.)
 3/22/201 12PM Gonzales, LA Sisters In Sorrow (Private Group) Book Discussion
 4/12/2014 2PM to 5PM Baton Rouge, LA Author's Row Event at the Jones Creek Library (Book Signing) Open to the Public
4/16/2014 11AM to 12PM Paducah, KY Book Signing and Author Discussion at West Kentucky Community and Technical College (Open to the Public)
 4/16/2014 2:30PM to 6PM  Paducah, KY  Book signing at KY Oaks Mall, Hinkleville Road. Table will be located near the children's play center. You can preorder your copy and have it ready at the signing. Just print your email confirmation and bring it with you.
 4/27/2014 3PM to 5PM Baton Rouge, LA Book Signing at Barnes & Noble Booksellers (Perkins Rowe location) 7707 Bluebonnet Blvd.

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